Professional experience

  • 2021 – NOW – Macromo


  • 2021 – NOW – GeneSpector Innovations
    CEO, Co-founder


  • 2020 – NOW GeneSpector
    CEO, Co-founder


  • 2019 – NOW ZKV Career
    CEO and Owner


  • 2017 – NOWTechnical University of Ostrava
    External Collaborator and Thesis Supervisor


  • 2008 – 2018Bio-Rad Laboratories
    Executive and Sales Management positions in Central Eastern Europe countries


  • 2003 – 2009Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine
    Researcher at the Institute of Inherited Metabolic Disorders


  • Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine
    Ph.D. Molecular pathology


  • The Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague
    MSc. Biochemistry and Biotechnology


  • The Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague
    Bc. Pedagogy (independent study)


  • The Central European Management Institute
    MBA Business Management


  • Kolegium Jagiellonskie
    LL.M. Company Operation


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Scientific biomedical publications

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Scientific management publications

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    Scientific management publications

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